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Dear Patient,

I am writing to thank you for your years of dedication to my practice.  I have just moved from Bellingham after 31 years of practice, and have relocated to Spokane, Washington.

As you know, in June 2015, I moved from my location on Girard Street to Spyglass Optik.  I was leasing space from Dr. Swiecicki, but our practices remained separate.  While Dr. Swiecicki is an excellent practitioner, the insurance we take is different, so she may not be able to see you at the Spyglass Optik location.

Glasses may be picked up at the Spyglass Optik location, 11 Bellwether Way #104, Bellingham WA, until October 21, 2015. Any remaining orders will be mailed to you, if you are unable to come in prior to that date. Payments on outstanding balances can be made by check to: 

Denis Holmes, OD
17122 N Little Spokane Dr
Colbert, WA  99005 

I will be maintaining my electronic records personally and can have them available to you upon request. You can contact me at or text my cell phone at (360) 319-7680 to request your records.

Dr Glenn Green has all of my patient charts. I am recommending Dr. Green to you and I have made arrangements for emergency services to be provided for you by Dr. Green. He can be reached at (360) 738-7700, or after hours at (360) 739-6887. His practice is:

Glenn Green, OD
Bellingham Family Eye Clinic
450-B Birchwood
Bellingham, WA 98225

Thank you again for allowing me the privilege of being your eye doctor. I am grateful for the years of practice and service in this community.

Denis Holmes, OD